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The Cheshire Cat Blog is a series of original photo essays, videos, articles
and postcards by various authors in different parts of the world.

There is no fixed theme or format, and the blogs may be humorous or serious in tone.

Contributions to The Cheshire Cat Blog are welcome. See the contribute page for details.
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The Cheshire Cat Blog January 2012  
The Cheshire Cat's Christmas breakfast at The Cheshire Cat Blog The Cat's (Christmas) breakfast

After eating far too much Christmas turkey and considering hibernating
until March, The Cheshire Cat finds himself in the January doldrums and
trading insults with a gang of avian peanut junkies. Whatever next?
The Cheshire Cat Blog February 2012  
The big chill at The Cheshire Cat Blog The big chill

Squirrels and blackbirds steal the show while The Cheshire Cat sneezes
his way through a frozen February. Parus major is not amused.
The Cheshire Cat Blog May 2012
The Olympic flame continues its journey through Thessaloniki, Greece at The Cheshire Cat Blog Come on, baby, light my fire

The Cheshire Cat has a day out by the seaside in Thessaloniki,
northern Greece, and runs into the woman who carries a torch
for the ancient city, as the international relay passes the Olympic
flame to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.
The Cheshire Cat Blog December 2012
A pictorial distillation of religion in India at The Cheshire Cat Blog Wah! Taj - the big picture

Dr B gets blissed out in, out in, out in India and sends the Cheshire Cat
an artistic distillation of his religious experiences on the great sub-continent.
A Christmas cracker at The Cheshire Cat Blog So this is Christmas?

The Cheshire Cat drags himself out of his seasonal torpor to send out
his Christmas card and present some cracker humour.
The Cheshire Cat Blog - travel articles, photo essays, postcards and videos at My Favourite Planet Blogs

The Cheshire Cat Blog

at My Favourite Planet Blogs
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NEWGEN Travel Agency, Athens, Greece
Hotel Orestias Kastorias Thessaloniki, Greece - The heart of hospitality beats at the heart of the city
Hotel Liotopi, Olympiada, Halkidiki, Macedonia, Greece
Hotel Germany, Olympiada, Halkidiki, Macedonia, Greece
Big Dino's Galini, self-catering beach hotel, Nea Vrasna, Macedonia, Greece
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