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The Cheshire Cat Blog is a series of original photo essays, videos, articles
and postcards by various authors in different parts of the world.

There is no fixed theme or format, and the blogs may be humorous or serious in tone.

Contributions to The Cheshire Cat Blog are welcome. See the contribute page for details.
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The Cheshire Cat Blog May 2013  
Like spring in the northern hemisphere, the Cheshire Cat makes a slow start this year,
and wanders around the Ionian coast of Turkey to watch the beginning of the annual
migration of the great squibbler and the lesser-striped tourist.
Ionian Spring part 1 at The Cheshire Cat Blog Ionian Spring

Part 1: Market forces

Some aspects of tourism, business, economics and politics on
the Central Aegean coast of Turkey, known in ancient times
as Ionia, location of cities such as Ephesus, Miletos and Priene.
Ionian Spring part 2 at The Cheshire Cat Blog Ionian Spring

Part 2: Darling buds

Spring flowers, trees, fruit and other Aegean greenery in western Turkey.
Ionian Spring part 3 at The Cheshire Cat Blog Ionian Spring

Part 3: Tooth and claw

... beak and hoof, snout and wing, itch and scratch:
Ionian animal life in western Turkey.
The Cheshire Cat Blog June - July 2013  
Museum boom at The Cheshire Cat Blog Museum BOOM

The Cheshire Cat examines modern museum business
and lets you know about some of the museums which
are currently closed for renovation.
The Cheshire Cat Blog August 2013
Full moon in Pella at The Cheshire Cat Blog Full moon in Pella

The Cheshire Cat returns to Macedonia, Greece
to revel at the annual August full moon concert
at the birthplace of Alexander the Great.
The Cheshire Cat Blog September 2013
It's a small world fest at The Cheshire Cat Blog It's a small world fest

Weltfest (World Festival) in Berlin's Friedrichshain
district may not be Woodstock, but it remains one
of Europe's great little festivals.
The Cheshire Cat Blog October 2013
Déspina's Meghísti at The Cheshire Cat Blog Déspina's Meghísti

Déspina Spyrides Boabaid launches her new book
about the Greek island of Kastellorizo (also known
as Megisti) in Florianópolis, Brazil.
Digging Aristotle at The Cheshire Cat Blog Digging Aristotle

The Cheshire Cat goes peripatetic at
Aristotle's Lyceum in Athens, Greece.
The Cheshire Cat Blog December 2013
The Cheshire Cat's Christmas card Merry Christmas

The Cat is hibernating, but before he slipped under
the duvet he sent his readers a short festve greeting.
The Cheshire Cat Blog - travel articles, photo essays, postcards and videos at My Favourite Planet Blogs

The Cheshire Cat Blog

at My Favourite Planet Blogs
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Hotel Orestias Kastorias Thessaloniki, Greece - The heart of hospitality beats at the heart of the city
Hotel Liotopi, Olympiada, Halkidiki, Macedonia, Greece
Hotel Germany, Olympiada, Halkidiki, Macedonia, Greece
Big Dino's Galini, self-catering beach hotel, Nea Vrasna, Macedonia, Greece
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