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The Cheshire Cat Blog

The cat is out of the bag at My Favourite Planet Blogs

The Cheshire Cat goes nuts

The Cheshire Cat Blog is a series of photo essays, videos, articles and postcards by various authors, photographers and travellers in different parts of the world. So far the Cat has included words and pictures from London, Liverpool, Istanbul, New York, Ionia, Afortunada, Berlin, Bali, Athens, Pella, Dion, Meteora and Thessaloniki, as well as other places in Greece, Turkey, Brazil, England, Wales, Belgium, India and the USA.

There is no fixed theme, format or agenda, and the blogs may be humorous or serious in tone. Many posts have dealt with in aspects of life, culture, history, geography and nature, but the Cat is always open to new ideas and subjects.

The latest blog, Squirreling about, features photos of feisty Berlin squirrels by Silke Haist.

Recently the Cat and his colleagues have been busy helping with the continuous updating and expansion of information in the travel guides and other sections of My Favourite Planet, so new blog posts have been few and far between.

The blog welcomes contributions, and if you have an idea for an edition, please get in touch. Just send an e-mail to: contribute(at)

Contributions can include articles, reports, interviews, stories, poetry, songs, music, videos, animations, photos, illustrations and other artwork. Be creative and audacious.

The Cheshire Cat Blog, travel articles, photo essays and videos at My Favourite Planet Blogs

The Cheshire Cat
Index of blogs

Edwin Drood's Column

at My Favourite Planet Blogs

Oh Drood, where art thou?

The Mysterious Edwin Drood posted his first article for My Favourite Planet Blogs in May 2010, and there rapidly followed a breathtaking flow of articles covering an enormous variety of subjects, political, cultural, philosophical, ecological, animal, vegetable, mineral, local, global, intergalactic, deadly serious and wittily whimsical. Many of his missives have covered topical issues, while others are more timeless in scope, and a few have since proved - we dare to say it - prophetic.

Drood has been known to post as many as two articles a week, while at other times he has disappeared for months on one of his mysterious assignments, only to turn up later in Schengen, the Alps or the Caribbean. More recently his absences have become more frequent and lengthy, and we haven't heard from him for some time now. His long-suffering housekeeper Madame Harker assures us that rumours of Monsieur Edwin's demise are ludicrous and that he will no doubt turn up at any moment, demanding his Earl Grey tea, digestive biscuits and a new ribbon for his typewriter. Recent reports that he has been spotted driving a blue Bentley through the Congo can not be confirmed or denied at this time.

Quite frankly, we have no idea whether further editions of Edwin Drood's Column will appear on these pages. However, it will continue to prove worthwhile to read Drood's previous posts, which remain fascinating, thought-provoking and entertaining. Try starting with his "last post", The Lender of Last Resort, or browse the Index of previous blogs.

"Bird under water"

During Drood's absences and breaks from blogging between 2012 and 2016, in place of his posts we published poems from the selection "Bird under water" by Hugh Featherstone, in a special section called "While the Drood's away...".

The mysterious Edwin Drood's Column at My Favourite Planet Blogs

Edwin Drood's
5 years Edwin Drood's Column - since 2010
Index of blogs
Contributions to The Cheshire Cat Blog

Contributions of articles, photos, artworks and videos
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