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Polygyros, Halkidiki, Greece Introduction to Polygyros   page 1

The Town Hall (Dimarcheion) of Polygyros, Halkidiki, Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet

Polygyros Town Hall (Dimarcheion), designed by Xenpohon Paionidis.
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Polygyros Archaeological Museum

After being closed for several years for renovation, part of the museum's
large collection was reopened to the public in March 2019.

See gallery page 1.

Polygyros is a small inland town which serves as the administrative capital of the regional unit of Halkidiki, Macedonia, northern Greece.

It is set among the woods and farmlands at the southern foot of Profiti Ilias (Prophet Ilias) hill, part of Mount Cholomontas (or Holomontas, Greek, Χολομώντας), one of a chain of mountains which separates central and southern parts of the Halkidiki peninsula from the rest of Central Macedonia.

The town's main tourist attractions are the Archaeological Museum (see Polygyros gallery page 1) and the Folklore Museum (Λαογραφικό Μουσείο Πολυγύρου), which is currently closed. Otherwise tourists may spend some time walking its narrow streets lined a mixture of traditional and modern architecture or visiting one of the shops, restaurants, cafes and bars.

The modest architectural attractions include the Town Hall (Δημαρχείον, Dimarcheion), Agios Nikolaos church and the Six Fountains (Έξι Βρύσες, Exi Vrises). Polygyros also has a number of parks, statues of local heroes (including Aristotle) and a modern open-air theatre which in summer presents plays and concerts.

Many visitors will pass through on their way to or from the nearby archaeological site of Olynthos (24 km southwest) or one of the seaside villages to the south. The small bus station on the edge of town connects some of these destinations with Thessaloniki.

The countryside and mountains also attract ramblers, cyclists and hunters. Game, including wild boar, is served in local restaurants. The 890 metre high peak of Tsoukalas, just to the north of the town, offers a good view of southern Halkidiki and its three peninsulas.

Two of the most lively times in Polygyros are during the Apochrias (literally without meat) Lent carnival, and the Panagia (also known as Polygyri) festival of the Virgin Mary on 15th August. During Apochrias people go crazy, walking through town in bizarre costumes and hitting each other with plastic clubs. The Panagia, which draws in people from the entire area as well as returning locals who live elsewhere, involves much communal eating, drinking and dancing in public squares.
national flag of Greece at My Favourite Planet
Vergina Sun, flag symbol of Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet
photo gallery

Photo gallery of Polygyros, Halkidiki, Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet

Polygyros Addresses and telephone numbers  

Halkidiki Regional Unit

Tel: (+30) 2371 35 12 45


Municipality of Polygyros

Polygyros Town Hall (Dimarcheion)
Polytechniou 50, Polygyros, Halkidiki, 63100 Greece.

Tel: (+30) 2371 35 07 06    Fax: (+30) 2371 02 22 66

website: (in Greek only)

Taxi (+30) 23710 22 460

KTEL Chakidikis bus company

(see page 2: How to get to Polygyros)

Thessaloniki: (+30) 23810 23 511

Polygyros: (+30) 23710 22 309


National Bank of Greece
37 Odos Polytechneiou, 63100 Polygyros.

Tel.: +30 23710 35052

Halkidiki General Hospital, Polygyros

(Γενικό Νοσοκομείο Χαλκιδικής, Geniko Nosokomeio Halkidikis)

Odos Ippokratous 5, 63100 Polygyros

The hospital is 1.5 km northwest of the town centre,
on the main road (Ippokratous), north towards Galatista.

Tel: (+30) 23710 20 101


Police 100

Polygyros police station (+30) 23710 23 227 and 23710 21 617

Fire service 199

Polygyros fire department (+30) 23710 22 798

Archaeological Museum of Polygyros

(Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Πολυγύρου)

2019 - The museum is now open again.

See Polygyros gallery page 1.

Odos Stadiou 1, Iroon Square, 63100 Polygyros.

Tel: (+30) 23710 22 148

Opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday 8:00 - 15:00

Monday closed

Tickets: €2, reduced €1
Polygyros Facts and figures  

Polygyros (or Poligiros; Greek, Πολυγύρος)

The name literally means "much around", which does not make much sense.
The origin is not known, although there are a number of theories. It was first mentioned in an imperial Byzantine document in the 11th century AD.


Polygyros is the name of a town and municipality in the centre of the Halkidiki peninsula, Macedonia, northern Greece.

The town is the capital of Regional Unit of Halkidiki, and is the largest settlement on the peninsula.

It is situated at the southern foot of Mount Cholomontas (Greek, Χολομώντας; ancient Ypsison, Υψίζων όρος; highest peak 1,165 metres), south of the EO16 national road through Halkidiki,
67 km southeast of Thessaloniki and 587 km from Athens.

See page 2: How to get to Polygyros.

country: Greece

region: Central Macedonia (Κεντρική Μακεδονία, Kentrikí Makedonía)

regional unit: Halkidiki (also written Chalkidiki, Chalcidice or Chalkidike; Greek, Χαλκιδική)



Town Hall (Dimarcheion):
Polytechniou 50, Polygyros, Halkidiki, 63100 Greece.

Tel: 2371 35 07 06
Fax: 2371 02 22 66

website: (in Greek only)

dialling code: (+30) 23710

post code:63100

population: town: 6,121
municipality: 22,048
municipal unit: 11,386

elevation: 560 metres (1,837 feet)

local time:

Eastern European Time (EET)

Daylight Saving Schedule:

Summer (from last Sunday in March) GMT/UTC +3 hours

Winter (from last Sunday in October) GMT/UTC +2 hours

currency: Euro (€)


As with the rest of northern Greece, between Mediterranean (temperate,
with wet winters and hot, dry summers) and continental (wetter, cooler).

Temperatures December-February 3° - 19° C;
during summer the highest temperature is usually around 35°C.

Although it is generally warm and sunny between the end of May and September,
rain showers and thunder storms are common, even in summer.

Further information for Greece can be found in our introduction to Greece pages.

Further information for Macedonia can be found in our introduction to Macedonia pages.

Wild boar, hare and wildfowl on a restaurant menu in Polygyros, Halkidiki

Wild boar, hare and wildfowl on the menu of a restaurant in Polygyros.
Polygyros Area map  
Interactive map of Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet

Interactive map of Macedonia, Thrace, Central Greece and the Aegean.

Places in Macedonia and Thrace:
Alexandroupoli   Kavala   Pella   Polygyros   Samothraki   Stageira and

Colour key for Greek island groups (west-east)

    Argo-Saronic       Sporades       Cyclades       Northern Aegean       Dodecanese

See also our interactive map of Greece.
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have been attributed where applicable.

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