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19 November 2013
Not quite rhapsodic, but definitely bohemian
How pleasant to know Mr Drood, who has written such volumes of stuff that
no matter how much he extrudes, his readers still can't get enough. In which
Edwin parodies Edward Lear in a piece of doggerel sketching his recent tour of
Bohemia, in the hope that it inspires something of a little more depth next week.

The waiter, hard-boiled or stewed
How pleasant to know Mr Drood
Who has just arrived, fresh back from Prague
And has no desire to intrude
On the day with meanderings vague

How pleasant to see Mr Drood
Drive Miranda so far and so fast
Thus risking, on surfaces rude
His future for your glorious past

How pleasant to hear Mr Drood
Having followed young Wolfgang so far
From Salzburg to Karlsbad conclude:
“The dear boy could have done with a car”

How pleasant to greet Mr Drood
Only smile and I’m sure you'll agree
For it won't break your face, and his mood
Will improve quite considerably

How pleasant to feed Mr Drood
Who found, when it came time to eat
The waiter, hard-boiled or stewed
The waitress, ineffably sweet

How pleasant to bill Mr Drood
Though he does raise his voice now and then
So don't try to serve him with food
From your microwave oven again

How pleasant to read Mr Drood
Whose rhapsodic bohemian tour
Confirms, from a brief interlude
Of baroque, even less would be more

Edwin Drood

PS: Actually, I had a wonderful time in Salzburg, Vienna, Prague and Karlsbad, splendid and beautiful cities with deep roots and much to be proud of … but yes, a little baroque does go quite a long way.

© Edwin Drood, November 2013

Illustration: Waiter. After an illusration in Punch, March 19, 1892.
Edwin Drood's Column, the blog by The Mysterious Edwin Drood,

at My Favourite Planet Blogs.

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