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Arsenal Temple of Trajan Hellenistic theatre & Byzantine tower Altar of Zeus
The Pegamon acropolis viewed from the south at My Favourite Planet
The Pegamon acropolis, viewed from the south.
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Arsenal   Temple of Trajan Hellenistic theatre & Byzantine tower Altar of Zeus

The west side of the hill of the Pergamon Acropolis, Turkey at My Favourite Planet

Akropol Cad. (also known as Kale Yolu), the road from Bergama up to the Acropolis (see below).

The steep west side of the hill of the Pergamon Acropolis.

Photo of the Pergamon Acropolis taken 1880-1910 at My Favourite Planet

Photo of the Pergamon Acropolis taken 1880-1910 from the same perspective.

Photographer unknown. Source: Library of Congress, Washington DC.

The Pergamon Acropolis

One of the world's most impressive and evocative archaeological sites
with a dramatic location and wonderful views.

Opening times: every day 8:30 - 17:30; May - September until 19:00.

Admission: 20 Turkish lira.

The Bergama Cayi river valley and the Akropol Caddesi road up to the Pergamon Acropolis at My Favourite Planet

The valley of Selinus river, now known as Bergama Çayı,
as seen from the west side of the Pergamon Acropolis.

The narrow road which crosses diagonally up from the bottom to the middle right of the photo is Akropol Caddesi (also known as Kale Yolu), the road from Bergama up to the Acropolis. It is a continuation of Bergama's main street Bankalar Cad, and starts at the north side of the river, just east of the Red Basilica. From there it snakes its way up the west flank of the Acropolis hill, loops around the north face and steeply up to the car park and entrance to the Acropolis archaeological site.

Altogether, that's a haul of over 5 kilometres, and can be hard work by foot on a hot summer day. It's therefore not surprising that so many visitors take the "Telerifik" cable car or a taxi. For those who have the time and stamina to make the hike, it's a great walk, and the beautiful views make it well worth the effort.

A reconstruction of the Pergamon acropolis by Friedrich von Thiersch at My Favourite Planet

"The Acropolis of Pergamon, reconstructed after the excavations to date."

Painting by the German architect and painter
Friedrich von Thiersch (1852-1921), February 1882.

An imaginative attempt to reconstruct the appearance of the Pergamon Acropolis in antiquity, viewed from the south, based on the results of the German-led archaeological excavations. In the foreground is a long procession of worshippers leading animals to be sacrificed at the Great Altar of Zeus, built around 175 BC, from which smoke rises. Behind and to the northeast (right) of the altar is the Hellenistic Sanctuary of Athena Nikephoros, and above (left) the Roman period Temple of Trajan (Trajaneum, 2nd century AD). Not shown, for example, is the Upper Agora, which stood in front (south) of the Great Altar precinct.

Thiersch visited Pergamon in 1881 and was commissioned by Kaiser Wilhelm II to plan the reconstruction of the Great Altar in Berlin. The painting hung for many years in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin. It was published by Thiersch in 1883 in his short monograph about the Pergamon acropolis:

Friedrich von Thiersch, Die Königsburg von Pergamon: ein Bild aus der griechischen Vorzeit. Verlag von J. Engelhorn, Stuttgart, 1883. At Heidelberg University Digital Library.
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