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Edwin Drood's Column is a blog by The Mysterious Edwin Drood.

Occasionally, when the Drood is absent, his place is filled by the series
"While the Drood's away..." which currently features poetry by Hugh Featherstone.
  Index of previous blogs - 2015 18 posts
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Edwin Drood's Column January 2015
6 January “On earth as it is in heaven”

In which Edwin considers intergalactic snowballs and superheroes
in an attempt to understand power and its projection.
27 January Bearding the prophet

In which Edwin considers the ethics of secret agents, faith communities
and annoying little satirical magazines as well as the religious significance
of snowmen, dolls and world heritage sites.
Edwin Drood's Column February 2015
10 February While the Drood's away...


Another poem from Hugh Featherstone's selection Bird under water.
24 February Hacking the public thing

In which Edwin takes a walk with love, death and a couple of dogs
through the public parks of Europe and asks whether there still is
a “res publica”, a commonwealth that can bind us all together.
Edwin Drood's Column March 2015
10 March Iconoclasm and the Nanny State

In which Edwin laments the planned disappearance of a British legend
and wonders whether a universally recognizable brand item could justifiably
be considered for enrolment as a UNESCO World Heritage artefact.
17 March A memoir of my schooldays - part 1: Symphonic forms

In which Edwin recalls the day that he became cool, muses on the muses
and considers the effects of boarding school on issues of identity.
31 March A memoir of my schooldays - part 2: Anyone for tennis?

In which Edwin recalls an exploration that was the start of a dangerous game, the story of a set of bones, an entrance without an exit to match and the inevitability of team sports.
Edwin Drood's Column May 2015
1 May A memoir of my schooldays - part 3: Et in Arcadia ego

In which Edwin continues the search for Jack Tisbury’s remains
and recalls an embrace with a most abrupt ending.
5 May A memoir of my schooldays - part 4; Consulting the oracle

In which Edwin’s memories of school reach a climactic realization
as we learn more about living legends and the truths they conceal.
19 May A memoir of my schooldays - part 5: By any other name

In which Edwin closes his memories of school, at least for now,
with the denouement of a curious tale as well as some more
contemporary observations.
Edwin Drood's Column June 2015
2 June
  5 years Edwin Drood's Column - since 2010

Drood's 5th
The Drood who turned 171 in only five years

Edwin Drood's Column is five years old. Incredible but true.
Edwin hardly believes it himself, as he tells us in his anniversary message.
9 June The Kreisler Cadenza

In which the Drood considers how East and West may indeed be meeting at last
and suggests that we counter the iconoclasts with a universal bill of cultural rights
raising the arts to the same level as life itself.
23 June While the Drood's away...


A taut poem from Hugh Featherstone's selection Bird under water.
30 June What a fracking relief!

In which Edwin refuses to be goaded by potentially defaulting Greeks into another rant, but rather chooses to head north to Lancashire, whose people have demonstrated the gritty, no nonsense good sense for which they are known.
Edwin Drood's Column September 2015
3 September Here comes the flood

Edwin is dismayed at the deluge of new immigrants eroding Europe’s southern and eastern borders. If these people were hard to assimilate as a tiny minority, how much less likely are they to engage with our values and culture, now that their numbers are swelling at an alarming rate?
24 September While the Drood's away...

The inheritors

Heritage without nostalgia in another poem from Hugh Featherstone's
selection Bird under water.
Edwin Drood's Column October 2015
13 October The Fall, and what comes after

Edwin casts his gaze upon the high-stakes world of venture capital in new technology. How much risk a company can carry depends on how much market credit it has, which depends on how good the storyline is, which depends on who is telling it. Tesla is a perfect example.
Edwin Drood's Column December 2015
15 December While the Drood's away...


An owlish poem from Hugh Featherstone's Bird under water selection.
Edwin Drood's Column, the blog by The Mysterious Edwin Drood,

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