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Edwin Drood's Column is a blog by The Mysterious Edwin Drood.

Occasionally, when the Drood is absent, his place is filled by the series
"While the Drood's away..." which currently features poetry by Hugh Featherstone.
  Index of previous blogs - 2013 37 posts
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Edwin Drood's Column January 2013
8 January Sex and the single boy

In which Edwin wonders whether legislation is ever the real game changer that decides whether a society will tip towards or away from the opportunity to grow in moral stature.
15 January That which we call a rose

In which Edwin tries to clone himself and accidentally ends up on the wrong side of history.
22 January “A Jabberwock ate my millennium, sir!”

In which Edwin recreates the Dodo, but mislays three centuries and an empire.
29 January While the Drood's away...

On falling into Casablanca by accident

Edwin is absent, so we publish another poem by Hugh Featherstone,
from the selection Bird under water.
Edwin Drood's Column February 2013
5 February Miss Gradenko, are you safe?

In which Edwin considers how a new law hurts those it intends to protect and leaves the way open for gross perversion of justice and even the collusion of medical professionals in the creation of harassment millionaires.
12 February “I’ve got a little list”

In which Edwin notes our passion for lists and wonders whether there is an evolutionary imperative at work, whether the list is not an expression of our deep need to organise life in our own image.
19 February Papal Division Bell

In which Edwin wonders whether the “last” Pope, so often promised, might not turn out to be a template for an eternal papacy of ecumenical super-beings designed to fill our human need for fatherly figures of universal sagacity, regardless of religious adhesion.
26 February Life imitating art

In which Edwin wonders whether the Obama presidency has not been scripted by Aaron Sorkin ... and finds that he is by no means the first to imagine this.
Edwin Drood's Column March 2013
5 March While the Drood's away...

Nicky's window

Edwin is absent again, so time for another poem by Hugh Featherstone,
from the selection Bird under water.
Edwin Drood's Column April 2013
1 April While the Drood's away...

By any other name, II, IV

In Edwin's absence flows the poetry of Hugh Featherstone,
from the selection Bird under water.
16 April Everyone aboard for the next wave

In which Edwin demonstrates the Mexican Wave, apologises for the World Peace Machine (well, sort of) is suitably contrite over the regrettable failure of the Great Jump Sideways and altogether finds the job of planetary dictator fraught with awkward responsibilities.
23 April While the Drood's away...

Lounge piano

While Edwin takes a hike we take another leaf from Hugh Featherstone's
poetry selection Bird under water.
30 April Uncomfortably numb

In which Edwin comes to accept that indifference is a perfectly valid rationale in view of the unrelenting clamour and brutality of a world that is itself indifferent to reason.
Edwin Drood's Column May 2013
7 May



Que Sarin sera!

In which Drood considers the role that a Nazi nerve gas may finally play in the future, post-conflict, organisation of the Middle East as well as in its ongoing, provocative dialogue with the West.
14 May The Game of Consequences

In which Edwin rides into the sunset to meet a bald man with a six gun, a body denied burial and a tiger under sentence of death.
28 May Preaching to the converted

The day Edwin went to Woolwich and what he found there that reminded him of Cleveland and Washington, of Sandy Hook and Columbine.
Edwin Drood's Column June 2013
11 June A leaky week, or 2.37 cheers for Edward Snowden

Edwin believes that Hong Kong is not quite the place to choose as a potential safe haven, at least, not if free speech is what you are ostensibly trying to defend.
18 June While the Drood's away...

Small world

While Edwin is absent Hugh Featherstone shares some childhood memories
from his poetry selection Bird under water.
25 June O tempora, o mores: an even leakier week

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Apart from the fact that no one is suggesting we live in the best of times, Edwin feels this statement could reasonably well be applied to the present. There is a very clear disconnect, almost revolutionary, between the rulers and the ruled, when one man’s patriot is another man’s traitor.
Edwin Drood's Column July 2013
2 July Seedy Roms vs CD ROMS

The Rom, Roma or Romany people seem to be unwanted everywhere. They have become the wandering Jews of modern Europe, the albatross around the neck of every nation’s asylum programme. Drood compares their chances of finding a permanent home with those of another albatross, or Stormy Petrel, Edward Snowden.
16 July While the Drood's away...

The Beeching Report

While Edwin spends the summer driving Miranda through the Auvergne,
Hugh Featherstone plays on abandoned railway tracks somewhen in England.
From his poetry selection Bird under water.
30 July While the Drood's away...

Bread on water

A sailor's song by Hugh Featherstone,
from the poetry selection Bird under water.
Edwin Drood's Column August 2013
20 August While the Drood's away...

Arnheim at the Tate

Hugh Featherstone continues to span the Drood's summer absence with a bridge of pipe dreams. Another poem from the selection Bird under water.
Edwin Drood's Column September 2013
3 September Lobster Quadrille, or the Thermidor Reaction

In which Edwin recalls a visit to Vienna, which leads him to drivel on sleepily about luxury hotels, Robespierre, crustaceans and satellite-assisted gear changes. The rich are different insofar as they lead even more futile and unnecessary lives than the poor.
17 September The myth of fingerprints

In which Edwin waxes lyrical on a subject barely known to him, that of babies, and wonders what the future might have in store for a family whose likely demise is currently reprieved by such a frail thing as a lone girl-child … which draws him inexorably into other issues, other conundra.
24 September The great Shebaab shebang

In which Edwin asks whether the world can afford Islam, socially or economically. Is the religion of peace becoming too bellicose to integrate? Is the price we are all paying for its existence already too high and likely to rise even higher in the immediate future?
Edwin Drood's Column October 2013
1 October While the Drood's away...

Sofia Central

Hugh Featherstone waits for the slow train.
From his poetry selection Bird under water.
8 October Body language

In which Edwin recalls a poster seen in the Auvergne, connects some dots and comes up with a reason for our melancholy fascination with child abduction cases and our need to believe in life, even in the teeth of the evidence.
15 October A tale of Three Wise Men

In which Edwin questions the wisdom of three modern “magi” and gets into a game of etymological “king of the castle” with the Malaysian Court of Appeals.
22 October While the Drood's away...

Legend of the turf

Horses for courses.
From Hugh Featherstone's poetry selection Bird under water.
Edwin Drood's Column November 2013
5 November Gridlock

In which Edwin promotes a three-litre Alvis from 1963 as an example of sustainable motoring, questions the wisdom of the great German "Energiewende" and wonders whether that nation might not be risking its industrial and technological pre-eminence for a place in the queue at the bottle bank.
12 November Robbing the poor

In which Edwin glances fondly at two former bosom friends, now divided by ideology and geopolitical posture, and asks what went wrong in this love affair.
19 November Not quite rhapsodic, but definitely bohemian

How pleasant to know Mr Drood, who has written such volumes of stuff that no matter how much he extrudes, his readers still can't get enough. In which Edwin parodies Edward Lear in a piece of doggerel sketching his recent tour of Bohemia, in the hope that it inspires something of a little more depth next week.
26 November Licence of the Sams

“I do not like Green Eggs and Ham, I will not eat them Sam-I-am”... Edwin engages the spirits of Plutarch and Dr Seuss in light philosophical discourse (well, sort of) while endeavouring to square the circle with Eric the lamb, ethically responsible nutrition and the spoon-fed guests at a Russian funeral breakfast.
Edwin Drood's Column December 2013
3 December A coffee-coloured future

In which Edwin examines the highly robust idea of the melting pot as cultural metaphor and decides that, despite some rather obvious disadvantages, it still offers us our greatest hope.
10 December Paying my foggy dues

In which Edwin takes to the road in dense fog and, despite his diplomatic pedigree, is forced to consider the virtues of clarity.
17 December Feeding the birds on credit

Edwin fears that new anti fraud legislation may mean the death of small businesses and end up only benefitting the very people whose dubious activities it was intended to reign in.
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