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Edwin Drood's Column is a blog by The Mysterious Edwin Drood.

Occasionally, when the Drood is absent, his place is filled by the series
"While the Drood's away..." which currently features poetry by Hugh Featherstone.
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Edwin Drood's Column January 2012
3 January And there’s another country ...

In which Edwin reviews links between that acme of human civilization, the firework display, and pasta, discusses crime, punishment and Halal food while promoting the supreme utility of a homeland for extremists of every faith and none.
10 January Killing them less than softly ...

In which Edwin displays all his pent-up hatred of his adopted country in a paean of praise for Danny Wind’s recently banned (but now re-issued) book "Let’s kill all the Belgians", accepting it as a noble manifesto and a clarion call to arms worthy of the very worst of doggerel.
17 January State of ships / ships of state

In which Edwin links the Costa Concordia with Hungary and concludes that the very thing which may have wrecked the former could have been the salvation of the latter, if history had not taken another course straight for some very familiar rocks.
24 January Thoroughly modern millennia

In which Edwin asks when we began to think in terms of modernity or the lack of it, what purpose is served thereby and just what is required for a thing, idea or phenomenon to be perceived as modern.
31 January Sparing the rod

In which Edwin asks whether we should chastise our children. Does sparing the rod necessarily spoil the child? If the answer is yes, then where should we set the limit? If the answer is no, is the State right to intervene?
Edwin Drood's Column February 2012
14 February Doing porridge in the Goldilocks Universe

In the multi-verse model popular with many cosmologists and feel-good therapists, we live in the best of all possible universes, insofar as it supports us at all. Does this make us chosen, really rather special, or merely highly adaptable? And who is “us” anyway: Charles Dickens or the amoeba that causes gastro enteritis?
Edwin Drood's Column March 2012
6 March My way or the highway

It’s not always easy to find your way around a foreign country, even when they speak your language. Drood muses on the curiously primitive American traffic infrastructure and wonders whether it is due to exaggerated insularity that the US pays no attention to how much better things are done elsewhere.
13 March Last resorts

Edwin considers the not exactly imminent, but definitely foreseeable loss of Micronesia. It may be already too late to do much about it, so if we are to develop a civilization that can survive and even benefit from climate change, we must turn to face the rising sea, rather than flee from it.
27 March Fail better!

Edwin waxes lyrical in praise of failure: the grand failures we all love to recount, the little failures we prefer to hide. In some cases, he even finds failure to be the best recipe for success.
Edwin Drood's Column April 2012
3 April The officer’s mess

Edwin is in the mood for a party, but something seems to be spoiling the fun for him. Could it be that he’s got buried under the officer’s mess?
17 April Turkish delight

Edwin returns from a brief sojourn in the land of the divan. His queries about the language and some other stuff lead to strange conclusions.
24 April The King’s donkey - part 1

Edwin has a tale to tell, a tale about families and their expectations, about power, influence, wealth ... and where it all comes from.
Edwin Drood's Column May 2012
1 May The Kings donkey - part 2

Edwin continues his tale, though it grows long in the telling, until it comes to a most coherent and satisfactory ending, as all things should... but seldom do.
15 May



Let them eat quiche!

Edwin ponders the much predicted Greek default and its
implications. Will default go hand in hand with goodbye
to the Euro? And if so, only for Greece, or for all of us?
22 May Valedictory for a suffragette

Edwin remembers his late great aunt as an example of how the time you are born in decides more of your character than any other single thing about you.
Edwin Drood's Column June 2012
5 June The sun never sets

Edwin turns his jaded eye to rest upon a piece of paper on the President’s desk. When is a hit not a hit? When is a murder not a murder? Can there ever be a constitutional justification for unconstitutional activity?
12 June Gentlemen, the Queen!

Edwin salutes the Queen on her birthday, or a little after it, with an essay on the nature and value of this particular monarchy and its significance for a changing world.
26 June The quality of mercy?

Edwin wonders about our equality before the law. He thinks some of the loopholes are distinctly of the mesh-stocking variety.
Edwin Drood's Column July 2012
5 June Weather or not?

Edwin wonders whether the weather can weather the storm of attention it has been receiving of late, or whether we’re in for a period of weather-indifference as meteorologists over-pontificate upon our soggy summer.
Dear reader, kindly note that Edwin will be on holiday until the beginning of September.
Edwin Drood's Column September 2012
4 September Restraining the heartless

Edwin considers the decline in the international ideal in Europe and the world. He is saddened that a vision should become so discredited without ever having been subjected to any real tests of its legitimacy or feasibility.
11 September Polite story

Edwin dwells on the awfulness of crime in the real world, compared to even the bloodiest violence in detective fiction. Why do people still think they can get away with murder?
18 September The tyranny of choice

Now that we live in a world of unlimited choice, well almost, if you believe the blurb, Edwin would like to know whether we’re better off and, in particular, whether it’s good for us.
Edwin Drood's Column October 2012
2 October Midwife crisis

Edwin has heard the weeping and wailing of that noble profession and wonders why the world is running out of those very special and talented pairs of safe hands.
16 October Maux de passe

In which Edwin wonders what will happen to everything that can’t be reduced to bytes and bits.
30 October Reset the Enthusiometer, Kevin

In which Edwin watches what goes on at the bottom of the screen, down among the irritating bits of breaking news, instead of paying attention to the main dish. This turns out to be a crash course in politics as a clash of personalities.
Edwin Drood's Column November 2012
6 November Fork right for tripe

In which Edwin pitches peach yoghurt, wonders what cannibals like for dessert and asks whether Google would still make a better president than Romney.
27 November While the Drood's away...

Mr Heaney's pen

Edwin goes missing again. To keep his readers' brain cells ticking during his absences, we introduce a new series called "While the Drood's away..." which features poetry by Hugh Featherstone.
Edwin Drood's Column December 2012
4 December Slippery slope

In which Edwin mulls over the existential meaning of hip-hop in the great scheme of things. Nihilism may be better than nothing after all.
11 December Will Quetzalcoatl please come to Gate 13?

In which Edwin considers the end of the world as a reasonable cure for a whole variety of ills, and decides that’s why we’re probably all so gung ho about it.
18 December The sins of the fathers

In which Edwin cannot mourn for the loss of innocence, nor cry for the blood of angels shed, not while he feels that such mourning is a denial of the facts: guns were always meant to hit the softest targets the hardest. The sins of fathers are being visited upon their children in exactly the way they could most easily have prevented.
25 December While the Drood's away...

From Arcadia to Academe

While Edwin is on Christmas leave, you have the chance to enjoy another poem by Hugh Featherstone.
Edwin Drood's Column, the blog by The Mysterious Edwin Drood,

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