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Edwin Drood's Column is a blog by The Mysterious Edwin Drood.

Occasionally, when the Drood is absent, his place is filled by the series
"While the Drood's away..." which currently features poetry by Hugh Featherstone.
  Index of previous blogs - 2011 47 posts
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Edwin Drood's Column January 2011
4 January Leaving the box

In which Edwin gets accidently involved in some serious social engineering with a man who hates sociologists.
11 January The innocent age of slapstick

In which Edwin bemoans the loss of the custard pie from the modern political arsenal. It is his way of NOT squarely facing the rising tide of ignorance, hatred and sloganism currently poisoning the US airwaves.
18 January Lock up your daughters   Part 1

In which Edwin has to relocate his wine cellar to save it from the Assyrian hordes and we make the acquaintance of a certain Benjamin Arnolfini.
25 January The wizard scheme   Part 2 of “Lock up your daughters”

In which a dastardly plot is hatched by our Edwin, involving a lack of aircraft, a tycoon in distress, a potentially large sum of money and a travel agenda cut just a bit too fine.
Edwin Drood's Column February 2011
1 February The best laid plans   Part 3 of “Lock up your daughters”

In which Edwin is reconciled to something less than a walk-on part in his own grand project, to the kind of virtue that is its own reward and to the kind of glory that remains forever concealed beneath a bushel ... and quite rightly so.
8 February Too many chiefs, no little Indians

In which Edwin realizes that, despite working hard at his street cred, he is basically still a snob. In which diverse dictators, presidents for life and dear leaders get their comeuppance, as well as their own game show, and in which we may all joyfully look forward to the very democratic marriage of the Arnolfinis in the heart of stockbroker country.
15 February The course of true crime runs smooth

In which Edwin takes a look at the St Valentine’s Day Massacre and the development of organized villainy from the days of prohibition to our increasingly international and white-collar criminal landscape.
22 February My Kingdom for a Norse

In which Edwin explains how it feels to live for years either without a government or with one whose functions are crippled by the lack of an effective mandate and asks, quite understandably, whether he can have his money back. He is not alone in this. Millions are marching beside him, and in Belgium a million is a tenth of the population.
Edwin Drood's Column March 2011
1 March Honour among thieves

In which Edwin admits that his position on corporal punishment and the death penalty has veered from that of a robust amnesty international supporter to that of the Terminator. Desperate situations call for desperate measures, he insists, and there are those among us today (and they are legion) who understand no other language. It would be a vain and even perilous indulgence to imagine otherwise.
8 March The day of the locust

In which Edwin looks at frenzied activity in animals and asks whether there is not an advantage to such behaviour in evolutionary terms, and thus whether it does not offer some clues that might aid us in understanding human mass-hysterical phenomena.
15 March Interesting times

In which Edwin looks at the global nature and impact of modern disasters, our involvement, engagement and reactions to them and what it means to live in such unfortunately “interesting” times.
22 March Coalition of the eager

In which Edwin wonders whether the Libyan dictator is not something more than a juicy news story. It seems that weapons of mass distraction are once again being deployed at a most convenient moment.
29 March



The marriage of the Arnolfinis   part 1

In which Edwin spends a spring weekend in the “home counties“ of his home country at the wedding of Diana Bethany Williams to Benjamin James Arnolfini. This affords an ideal opportunity to observe a cross-section of society at play, catch up on modern-day Brits and discover the extraordinary demographic under-representation of Beano’s unfortunate family.
29 March Drood turns 50 - pages

As the Mysterious Edwin Drood passes the 50 blog mark and Edwin Drood's Column goes into its twelfth month of publication, he sends a special celebratory communiqué to his readers.
Edwin Drood's Column April 2011
5 April The marriage of the Arnolfinis   part 2

In which Edwin spends a spring weekend in the “home counties” at the wedding of Diana Bethany Williams to Benjamin James Arnolfini. This affords an ideal opportunity to observe a cross-section of society at play, catch up on modern-day Brits and ask whether, in our homogenous world, there is anything still left that is truly British.
12 April The unclear future

In which Edwin predicts the demise of the nuclear industry as we know it, though perhaps not for the expected reasons and notwithstanding the possible rise of another industry based on the far safer processes of another kind of fission.
19 April Drood the obscure becomes Edwin the absent

In which Edwin take a long Easter break.
Edwin Drood's Column May 2011
3 May Pomp and circumcision

In which Edwin is hardly given the time to get misty-eyed about the royal wedding, before being sent off to Pakistan and, of all places, St Andrews to hunt the antichrist.
10 May



Childhood’s end?

In which Edwin considers the difficulties of raising children in the internet age. Have we unwittingly signed the death certificate for innocence? Has the last chapter of childhood now been written long before we reach childhood’s official end? And how can we conserve anything of that which has been lost if we no longer have an instinctive feeling for what it was?
17 May Edwin: your personal guru for 2011 - 2012

“I'm looking for backing for an unauthorized auto-biography that I am writing. Hopefully, this will sell in such huge numbers that I will be able to sue myself for an extraordinary amount of money and finance the film version in which I will play everybody.” David Bowie
24 May Rest your rant at the end of the Universe

In which Edwin ponders the end of the world as it could be, should be, probably will be and definitely won’t be.
31 May Pavane for an unborn princess

Edwin chooses not to over-hastily judge the crime of “gendercide”, as it is but a particularly shameful expression of a deeper rooted condition.
Edwin Drood's Column June 2011
7 June The Arab sprung ...

In which Edwin wonders where all the euphoria went and asks whether many of us really wanted the Arab Spring anyway.
14 June Thy face, dear Thane ...

In which Edwin wonders why, with so many facts around, do we still prefer fiction? Is it out of a need to tell other kinds of “truth” or a need to separate foul from fair in a way that offends neither the one nor the other? Does it fill our lives with wonder to develop conspiracies that give our lack of influence more meaning? Or is it because there is no spoon, anyway?
21 June Losing their marbles ...

In which Edwin returns to his least favourite subject once more, as people riot in the Streets of Athens and the wonderful polychrome dream that is, or was, the Euro loses its few remaining feathers.
28 June Blend it like Beckham

In which Edwin considers the Tomboy gene and wonders whether we would not all benefit from a bit of hard play.
Edwin Drood's Column August 2011
2 August One of us?

In which Edwin touches lightly on the stain of evil, the roots of morality, the executioner’s son, and what it all has to do with Immanuel Kant.
9 August “London’s Burning!”

In which Edwin reacts to recent events in London and asks: if blackness is no longer a virtue, will we ever find shelter from the storm?
16 August The eternal Monday of the working weekend

In which Edwin proves allergic to the intrusion of other people’s office-speak onto his placid and pure Edwardian syntax
23 August Good science

In which Edwin investigates the curative powers of music with a little kitchen drama.
30 August Bad art

In which Edwin goes to Birmingham by way of Beachy Head, in a manner of speaking.
Edwin Drood's Column September 2011
6 September Ambivalent anniversaries I

In which Edwin considers monuments to the living and the dead: the celebrating of anniversaries and the way we choose to remember the things we wish we could forget.
13 September Ambivalent anniversaries II

In which Edwin visits the world of conspiracy theorists and finds it part madness and part sanity. However, the bad news is that the sane part drives you totally insane.
20 September Ambivalent anniversaries III

In which Edwin continues to trawl the files of “conspiracy theorists”, remarking the opinions of hundreds of professional pilots, flight control officers, aviation lawyers, aircraft designers, crash investigators etc., all of whom smell a whole lot of rats, and realizes that even if Neil Armstrong were elected Pope and were to say that 9/11 was an inside job, the press still wouldn’t cover it.
27 September Ambivalent anniversaries, IV and final

In which Edwin asks what, if anything, should be our response to the miasma of doubt that continues to cloud the events of September 11, 2001? If there is a case for investigation, what form should it take? If there is are charges to answer, who is qualified to try them? And what does it have to do with the fate of some 17th Century English Catholics?
Edwin Drood's Column October 2011
4 October The tale of BlackSheep and SheepWolf, part one

In which Edwin asks what is at the bottom of things and whether it is worth going there, and if it is any qualitative improvement on the top? And in which he meets SheepWolf and hears the beginning of his story.
11 October The tale of BlackSheep and SheepWolf, part two

In which Edwin discontinues the use of italics but continues his story nonetheless. The tale of little BlackSheep soon develops an unexpected twist.
18 October Mumbo-jumbo

In which Edwin, while trying to solve some technical problems, falls into the world of quackery and mumbo-jumbo and feels all the better for it.
25 October Drood the Obscure becomes Edwin the Absent

Edwin takes a two week break.
Edwin Drood's Column November 2011
8 November Old skins, new whine

In which Edwin, while trying to solve the economic woes of Europe, opens another can of worms ... or three.
15 November And the home of the brave

In which Edwin follows Fenimore Cooper into the wild, only to miss him by a century or so and encounter a truckload of dead tigers and the “ultimate” Black Rhino in West Africa.
22 November The oddness of God

In which Edwin, in an “epilogium” to his previous alpine encounter (see: “Ants around my ankles”, 3 August 2010), further probes the peculiarities of the Creator and discovers that there is a certain rhyme to His essential strangeness.
29 November Capitalism redux

In which Edwin takes a tour through the power hubs of the world and finds that capitalism as an idea, far from being discredited, is doing better than ever, especially the Chinese version, though for all the wrong reasons.
Edwin Drood's Column December 2011
6 December No Christmas in Euroland

In which Edwin learns that London is inhabited by villagers, but Manchester by citizens, that airports and stations in Strasburg and Brussels are unusually crowded with well-heeled foreigners from the European neighbourhoods on a Friday morning and that the profits from beer could refloat Greece.
13 December The mysterious Edwin Drood has gone west

Edwin is once again on his travels, visiting one of civilization's more remote edges, which, apparently, the internet has not yet reached...
20 December Oh come, all ye hateful

In which Edwin learns that life in school these days can be tough, socially relevant and gritty, especially if you’re a teacher still grieving the loss of the Spice Girls, and in which we see the lion lie down with the lamb, more or less.
27 December Mince pies and humbug

In which Edwin barricades himself in his kitchen to enjoy his mince pies and tawny port in peace.
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