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Edwin Drood's Column is a blog by The Mysterious Edwin Drood.

Occasionally, when the Drood is absent, his place is filled by the series
"While the Drood's away..." which currently features poetry by Hugh Featherstone.
  Index of previous blogs - 2010 37 posts
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Edwin Drood's Column May 2010
10 May

That’s it; I’ve had it with the Greeks. Right up to here... to HERE!

In which our hero becomes vexed with the Greeks and suggests they might be more comprehensible if they spoke Latin.
13 May

Serious numbers

In which Mr Drood aplogizes to the Greek nation and turns to engage bigger fish: the EU, gameshow hosts and the thirteenth fairy.
18 May

Sexing up the language, a how-not-to guide

In which the meek would inherit the Earth, dear reader, if it weren't for the pitfalls of language with regard to the social contract.
21 May

The ineffable weirdness of Kim Jong-Il

n which our Edwin tangles manfully with rock'n'roll dictators and mad scientists, thereby ruining his otherwize impeccably socialist hair.
25 May

Defeat by design

In which drood mourns the loss of great design and is almost led astray by the curvacious fender.
27 May

“Where is everybody?”

In which Drood, not having discovered much intelligent life here, resolves to search elsewhere and is neither comforted by Copernicus, nor the SETI Institute, nor Dr Drake.
Edwin Drood's Column June 2010
1 June

Water apparently thicker than oil

In which Edwin, while lighting a torch for the defence of Malia Obama, singes some white-robed hold-outs and also sheds a little light on BP, Exxon, the Tea Party and the demise of the great heart of oak.
3 June

Dry bones

In which Drood passeth through the valley and neither drinketh he from the well nor doth he sojourn there long for fear of the unquiet dead.
8 June

I’m late, I’m late

In which Drood continues through the valley, rather behind schedule, encountering, among other things, a bottle of Trappist beer, a time paradox and a priest with a punctuation problem.
11 June

Ginger, get the popcorn!

In which Drood questions the evolutionary value of embarrassment and the relationship of train wrecks to custard pies.
15 June Smelling Ararat

The Deluge: "A punishment inflicted on the human race by an all-knowing God, who, through not having foreseen the wickedness of men, repented of having made them, and drowned them once for all to make them better - an act which, as we all know, was accompanied by the greatest success." Voltaire, Dictionary of Theology
18 June Schengen in the rain

In which Edwin, diving from the deck of the Marie Astrid in Schengen harbour, and striking out manfully for the isles of "Scintillating Wit" and "Erudition", suffers a bad case of quill-burn-flipper-crash, thus failing miserably to attain the shining sands of either illustrious shore.
22 June Sic semper tyrannis

In which Drood admits to sports fatigue, despite not having hit, kicked, caught, punted, cued, bowled, rolled or otherwise engaged in any seriousness with a ball since the summer of 1968.
25 June Short guide to small planet for smallest person

In which the Drood waxeth broody over his much-adored great-niece and launches for her tiny sake into a song of somewhat differentiated praise for the planet which is our uncommonly common home.
29 June Apologies, but Edwin is on holiday

In which the Drood bids his readership adieu for the month of July, but promises to return soon, invigorated and with some cheery snapshots of windmills worth jousting.
Edwin Drood's Column July 2010
During July Edwin will be on holiday.
Edwin Drood's Column August 2010
3 August Ants around my ankles

In which Drood tries alpinism in a mild way and, finding it exhausting, strikes up a conversation with his diffident Anglican God.
6 August A bird in the hand ...

In which Drood ponders the seasonal transhumance of the French to greener pastures, the generosity of the poor, the relative miserliness of the wealthy and the errant flight of small volatiles.
10 August Obama girls rule!

In which Drood reflects on the sagacity of Benjamin Disraeli, the misfortune of those who live their lives in a barometer of public opinion and considers Malaga to be less than top notch, which leads him to wonder what all the fuss is about.
13 August On this day, the dreaded Friday the 13th, Edwin was plagued by toothache, an indisposition rendering him unable to summon the muse.
17 August Of sneezing uncles and apoplectic aunts

In which Edwin muses on the nature of remorse and whether one can ever do enough to right an injustice, or whether all that which one does, however much, can ever be considered appropriate expiation by anyone other than the victims themselves.
20 August Gravity's other rainbow

In which Edwin considers the number of angels one might settle on a pin, justice in a rogue state and where we all fit in the bigger picture.
24 August Of mall-dwellers, mall-rats and yo-yo shoppers

In which Edwin leaves Main Street for a trip to the local super, then drives way out to a far hypermarket, only to find his suburban neighbourhood has got there before him.
27 August Caution, tunnel at end of tunnel

In which Edwin searches for the universal reset button and truth in an inside-out world.
31 August Presenting marine mammals: the day job

In which Edwin, having survived the great creationist flood and the BP platform disaster, and encouraged in this direction by possibly the wettest August on record, goes in search of our cetacean cousins and questions whether they might not also be better off on land.
Edwin Drood's Column September 2010
7 September The best years of our lives

In which Edwin asks whether adolescence may not be overrated to the point that for many young people this rather underwhelming experience has reduced them to a state of fatalistic apathy beyond even that common to their age-group.
14 September Burning man

In which Edwin considers some of the unlooked-for results of book burning while also exploring ecological alternatives to same.
21 September In frigo veritas

In which Drood gets into difficulties negotiating a tricky junction and ends up in a refrigerator with Sarkozy, Berlusconi, Ahmadinejad, the non-existent Prime Minister of Belgium, a highly intelligent yoghurt and a six week old slice of cheesecake that is demanding the vote and full civil rights for invertebrate pastries.
28 September Hang onto your Rembrandts

The Drood decides not to take on the Iranian pocket dictator this week, but rather to turn his mind to higher things: the calorific value of the arts and the question of whether "noblesse" obliges one to put up with draughty accommodation and a yapping press.
Edwin Drood's Column October 2010
5 October In extremis Deo

In which Edwin looks at extreme behaviour (this is part one, part two will go more into the psychology and anthropology of this) and draws conclusions with regard to his dear cousin.
12 October Betting the farm to win a chicken

In which the Drood looks at the evolutionary value of the risk gene to see if there is any correlation between the behaviour of animals and the reprehensible utterances of the new mendocrats.
19 October Once bitten, twice shy ... or not

In which the Drood takes a deadpan look at the un-dead and wonders why they’ve seldom been as popular as they are today.
26 October A finger in the dyke will no longer do

In which the Drood would like to boycott the club that will not have him as a member and yet, like Groucho, is loath to join the one that will.
Edwin Drood's Column November 2010
2 November The wood for the trees

In which a tool-wielding Drood weeds his garden and encounters many young trees, a herd of cows and the German Foreign Service on a dubious mission of denial and/or discovery.
9 November Apologies, but Edwin is on holiday (again)

For the next two weeks Edwin will be away in the Caribbean chasing the ghosts of pirates and privateers. Look for him upon his return, a tanned and leathery Drood, ready to break the ice on the surface of the ink well and take up my trusty quill again.
23 November Raising Cane

In which the Drood takes a stroll downtown to enjoy the music and gets a lesson in symbiosis, a hunk of cane and a slice of life.
30 November Never the Twain shall meet

In which Edwin survives the battle of Waterloo, a wade through the sewers and some of the dullest “speechifying” this side of the Iliad and still has a fantastic read.
Edwin Drood's Column December 2010
7 December Leak Soup

In which Edwin bewails the bleak and featureless wasteland of “safety first” that now yawns where once tact, discretion and negotiating skill were demanded, as the new transparency steamrollers the political agenda of an entire decade past and the one to come.
14 December A cold front

In which Edwin rambles through an episode of seasonal marginalia in order to not have to address any of the “real” issues this week, and feels a whole lot better as a result.
21 December And a cold back, too

In which Edwin reminisces on the joys of illicit tobacco, secret dealings in Norway, the post-war Ministry of Defence and its most illustrious incumbent and the necessity of always keeping a little something in reserve.
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