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Pella, Greece Further reading about Pella page 6

Mosaic of Dionysos riding a panther, Pella Archaeological Museum, Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet

Mosaic of Dionysos riding a panther, from the "House of Dionysos". Pella Archaeological Museum.

Several books and articles deal with various aspects of ancient Macedonian history and culture, particularly dealing with Alexander the Great and Macedons' relations with other Greek states. A growing number of book chapters, monographs and articles published since the early 20th century explore the history and archaeology of Pella, a great many of them in Greek and the majority academic discussions on specific subjects such as politics, literature, economics, pottery, mosaics, coins, etc. Some of these we refer to in the articles and gallery pages of this guide.

So far very few books have been designed to inform the general reader or visitor. Here we look at two guidebooks to Pella which we think do a pretty good job.

Τhe Archaeological Museum of Pella

Το Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Πέλλας


Front cover of the Latsis Foundation book Τhe Archaeological Museum of Pella at My Favourite Planet

Τhe Archaeological Museum of
"Museums Cycle" book

Separate editions in Greek and English

Maria Lilibaki-Akamati, Ioannis M. Akamatis,
Anastasia Chrysostomou, Pavlos Chrysostomou

Translation: Judy Giannokopoulou

Photography: Socratis Mavrommatis

Design & artistic supervision: Dimitris Kalkyris

Publisher: OLKOS

Funding: John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation
and EFG Eurobank Ergasias S.A.

Publication place / date: Athens 2011.

Format: hardback, with dust cover (photo, right)

Size: 27.4 x 4 x 34.8 cm

Weight 3.5 Kg

Pages: 396, with copious colour photos.

Price: not available for retail sale

Limited edition of 2000 copies

ISBN English edition: 978-960-9590-00-6

ISBN Greek edition: 978-960-89339-9-6

E-book: English and Greek (Latsis Foundation website)

Published just after the opening of the new Pella Archaeological Museum, this large, lavishly illustrated tome discusses the history of archaeology at the site and the development of the museum's collection, with details of particular objects, and the design of the new building. It also has chapters on the history of Pella, the Macedonian tombs, the Roman colony at Nea Pella and the nearby Archaic settlement of Archontiko.

It is part of the excellent series "The Museums Cycle" (Ο κύκλος των μουσείων), produced by the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation, the Latsis Group and the Eurobank Banking Group, which jointly finance a new guide to a Greek archaeological museum each year. The series places emphasis on attractively designed guides with first rate photographs and illustrations, clear texts written by experts in particular fields of history and archaeology and some more technical and scientific details concerning research at sites and museums. There are no indexes, and as you may expect, most of the publications listed in the bibliographies are in Greek.

The volume on Pella is certainly the best printed guide to the site and museum currently available, although it is unfortunately not on sale in bookshops. Like all the books in the series it was produced as a limited edition for libraries and institutions. It is a very large book - almost A3 - and weighs 3.5 kg, so it is not something you could slip in your suitcase or daypack for your visit to the museum. Fortunately, the Latsis Group have provided their online library, so that all the books in this series can be read as e-books.
national flag of Greece at My Favourite Planet
Vergina Sun, flag symbol of Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet
photo gallery

Photos of Pella Archaeological Site, Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet


Photos of Pella Archaeological Museum, Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet

Pella Museum

Pella: Capital of Macedonians

Πέλλα: πρωτεύουσα των Μακεδόνων

Separate editions in Greek and English

Authors: Maria Siganidou, Dr. Maria Lilimpaki-Akamati *

Translator: David Hardy

Publisher: Archaeological Receipts Fund, Ministry of Culture, Athens

Publisher's website: (Greek and English)

Publication date: 1996. 2nd edition 2003.

Format: softback

Size: 17 x 0.7 x 27 cm

Weight 204 g

Pages: 74, with several colour photos, 2 plans, a map and bibliography

Price: € 6

English edition ISBN 10: 960-214-146-8     ISBN 13: 9789602141465

Greek edition ISBN: 960-214144-1

The Greek Ministry of Culture's Archaeological Receipts Fund (ΤΑΠΑ, TAPA) produces several attractive illustrated guide books to archaeological sites and museums which are definitely value for money.

For a mere €6 you get 74 handsomely designed, well written and illustrated pages containing a wealth of information about Pella's history and archaeology, including some of the beautiful mosaics, statuettes and other objects at the site and in the museum. There are also plans of the site and the agora, as well as a map of towns and archaeological sites of West and Central Macedonia.

Try to obtain a copy before visiting Pella. It can definitely help you understand the place and enhance your experience when you get there.

Maria Siganidou (Μαρία Σιγανίδου, 1928-1995) was the Curator of Antiquities of Macedonia and director of excavations at Pella. Dr. Maria Lilibaki-Akamati (Μαρία Λιλιμπάκη-Ακαμάτη, * here transliterated as Lilimpaki), who also wrote several chapters of the more recent book Τhe Archaeological Museum of Pella (see above), is Honorary Curator of Antiquities and plays a very active role in transmitting the importance of Macedonian history and archaeology to the public.

This edition may now be a little outdated as a lot has changed at Pella since it was first published in 1996 (with a second edition 2003-2004), particularly the further expansion and restoration of the site, the opening of the new museum (2010) and ever more new discoveries at Pella itself and nearby related sites. Still it remains a splendid introduction to the site, the history of Pella and the museum's exhibits, and the best that you can buy.

There is currently no information about this book on the TAPA website (just a cover photo and the price) and it appears to be out of stock (or out of print?). You may be able to find a copy at an archaeological museum or site shop (some larger museum shops, such as those at Athens and Delphi, sell a wide range of publications). There are several copies for sale at reasonable prices on the internet.

Given the recent increased interest by scholars, students and tourists in Pella, it could well be time for a new edition, and perhaps (why not?) a more compact version of the Latsis tome.

Front cover of the book Pella: Capital of Macedonians at My Favourite Planet

Pella: Capital of Macedonians
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except where otherwise specified.

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