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Kastellorizo, Greece How to get to Kastellorizo   page 3

Tthe Blue Star Line ferry Diagoras in Kastellorizo harbour, Greece

The Blue Star Line ferry Diagoras in Kastellorizo harbour.

Call for feedback

We try to keep these information pages as accurate
and up-to-date as possible. However, details such as
fares and schedules are changing constantly.

If you find that such information has changed, please
help us to keep our readers informed by sharing your
experiences and knowledge. Get in contact.

Getting to Kastellorizo is now easier than it has ever been.

Unless you have your own boat, helicopter or spaceship (beaming down
prohibited on Sundays), your transport options are:

• by air from Rhodes

• Greek ferries from Piraeus (Athens) and Rhodes

• ferry from the nearby Turkish resort Kaş

• Private boat from Kaş

Schedules vary seasonally, so check the links below for current information.

Ferry and airline websites have a bewildering variety of ways of displaying
their schedules and fares, and use different spellings for Kastellorizo
(Kastelorizo, Castellorizo, Castelorizo, Megisti...).

Below you can also find out about duty free shopping in Kastellorizo.

There is a travel article about the ferry crossing
from Kaş to Kastellorizo on page 10.
National Greek flag at My Favourite Planet
Symbol of Kastellorizo island, Greece

Detailed maps of Kastellorizo island, Greece at My Favourite Planet

maps of

including a large
detailed map
of the island.
Getting to
By air from Rhodes  

Olympic Airlines run a turboprop plane service (Dash 8)
between Rhodes and Kastelorizo 6 times a week.

Note: spelling of Kastelorizo, with one "L" when searching for flights.

Flights every day except Thursday.
Departure Rhodes 16.25. Departure Kastellorizo at 17.30.
Flight time approx. 30 minutes.
Fare: 26 Euros one way.

It is advisable to reserve well in advance for July and August.
Flights are sometimes cancelled due to high winds.

Kastelorizo airport is about 3.5 km south of the main town.

Although it is possible to walk the distance, a minibus and the island's only taxi
carry passengers to and from the airport.

Fares and online booking:
Getting to
Greek ferries from
Piraeus and Rhodes

Blue Star Ferries

The very blue Diagoras car ferry from Pireaus (the port of Athens) covers a lot of Aegean sea all year round with the following itinerary:


Departs Piraeus Mondays 15.00 hours.
Departs Kastellorizo Tuesdays 14.25 hours.
Journey time Rhodes-Kastellorizo approx. 4.5 hours.
Journey time Piraeus-Kastellorizo approx. 23 hours.
Fares start at 20 Euros for "super economy" class.

The ro-ro (roll-on roll-off ferry) is usually in and and out of Kastellorizo harbour in half an hour. It appears to be huge as it almost fills the tiny port (see photo at the top of the page).

Schedules, fares, online booking:

Port agents

Megisti: Papoutsis Travel Agency

Piraeus: Giovanti Travel Ltd.
  Photos of ferries
to Kastellorizo
in the photo gallery:

ferries in Kastellorizo harbour, Greece at My Favourite Planet

Diagoras ferry

ANES Ferries

The car ferry Proteus, run by the oddly named Anonymous Ferry Company of Symi (ANES), crosses between Rhodes and Kastellorizo on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Journey time 4 hours 40 mins.
Typical fares: 16.53 €, children 5-10 years 8.27 €, children up to 4 years free.
There is also a scale of fares for vehicles from motorbikes to trucks.

Schedules, fares, online booking:

Dodekanisos Seaways

Weekly high-speed car and passenger catamaran Dodekanisos Express
from Rhodes in season.

Journey time 2.5 hours.
32 Euros one way

The catamaran journey can get quite bumpy in windy weather.
Not for those with weak stomachs.

Current schedules and fares:

Further information about Greek ferries:

See photos of the ferries in our Kastellorizo photo gallery.

Dodekanisos Express fast hydrofoil in Kastellorizo harbour, Greece at My Favourite Planet

Getting to
By ferry from/to Kaş, Turkey  

Kastellorizo and Kaş are now both official official border points, and crossing is generally hassle free. Certain nationalities may need visas, for which - in the case of entering Turkey - you may have to pay, See our introduction to Turkey, practical information for Turkish visa information.

Passports must be handed to the ferry operator at the latest the evening before departure. They then take care of acquiring any necessary visas. Passports are given back to you at the end of your return journey. If you need your passport back beforehand (for example to cash traveller's cheques) ask one of the ferry crew.

Since the ferries generally arrive in Kastellorizo around 10.30 am, and leave at 3 or 3.30 pm, you only have around 4 hours to explore and maybe have lunch (See page 5: sights on Kastellorizo). Shame you can't stay longer, but presumably ferry schedules are set so that hotel guests can fit the island trip in between breakfast and dinner in their hotels.

See photos of
ferries to
Kastellorizo on
gallery pages

Meis Express

(Meis is the Turkish name for Megisti, aka Kastellorizo.)

A relaxed, comfortable 20 minute ferry ride on a small double decker boat (capacity 120 passengers). The closed lower deck has large windows and rows of seats, while open upper deck has plastic mattresses for lounging and enjoying the view.


Accurate information about schedules and fares is currently difficult to find, and differs from source to source. Some booking websites state that there is a ferry every day.

We recommend phoning or sending an e-mail to the Meis Express ferry company to request the latest details.

M/V MEIS EXPRESS C/o Ferah Turizm Ltd Sti T/A Latebreaks Adventure,
Travel & Yachting Kas Marina, Kas, 07580 Türkiye

Tel: +90 242 836 1725

Fax: +90 242 836 2273

GSM: +90 532 331 9759


You can also try contacting Papoutsis Travel Agency in Kastellorizo for information.


Current best information:

1 April - 31 October, Mon-Fri, 10.00 from Kaş, return 15.00.

1 Nov - 31 March, Mon, Wed, Fri, 10.30 from Kaş, return 15.30.

"Night Cruise" 1 July - 30 Sept, Wed, 18.00 from Kaş, return 23.00.

Journey time 20-30 minutes.

Fares (2015)

The basic fare is a day-return trip.
There is no discount for a one-way (single) journey.
If you want to return on another day it costs extra.

  One Way / Day Return

Different Day Return

25 Euro 35 Euro
Age 0-6

10 Euro 20 Euro
Age 6-12

20 Euro 25 Euro

Port taxes !!!

Some websites state that if you are travelling from Kastellorizo to Kas an extra 10 Euro per person port tax must be paid. Ask about this when purchasing your ticket.

Better still, complain about it - in writing! All ferry companies should include such taxes in their fares. We believe they are a tourist rip-off and should be abolished altogether.

The Meis Express company also operate ferries between Marmaris - Rhodes,
Bodrum - Kos and Kuşadasi - Samos, as well as yacht services.

See photos of the Meis Express on gallery pages 23- 28.

Read a travel article describing the ferry crossing on page 10: articles.

Meis Express ferry from Kas to Kastellorizo island, Greece at My Favourite Planet

Meis Express

Altug Meis Lines

Twice weekly between Kaş and Kastellorizo.

The boat and conditions are similar to the Meis Express, although
the top deck has plastic seats rather than mattresses.

Journey time 20-30 minutes.

Fare: day return/single 25 Euros.

At present we can not confirm current fares or schedules
as the English pages of their website are unavailable.

See photos of the Altug Meis ferry in our Kastellorizo gallery.

Altug Meis Lines ferry from Kas to Kastellorizo, Greece at My Favourite Planet

Altug Meis Lines
Getting to
Private boat crossings from/to Kaş  
It is also possible to negotiate a private crossing with the captain of one of the many smaller boats (e.g. the attractive Turkish wooden gülets) which sail tourists around the area's waters. It is a great way to travel (very romantic, for those who like romantic), you can be more flexible about your departure times and for groups of six or more it can work no more dearer than the ferry. Many of the captains are also very interesting characters with excellent local knowledge.  

A traditional Turkish gület off the coast of Kastellorizo island, Greece at My Favourite Planet

a Turkish gület
Getting to
Duty free trip tip  
The short trip from Kastellorizo (European Union) to Turkey entitles passengers to purchase duty free goods. Kastellorizo's 24-hour duty free shop (Hellenic Duty Free Shops) is excellent value, especially if you come from northern Europe: you can save upto 300% on the price you would pay at home for such heavily taxed sinful goods as perfume, tobacco and spirits. The prices are even cheaper than in Turkish duty free shops. Example: 400 duty free cigarettes cost 36 € in Turkey, while the same brand is only 26 € in Kastellorizo. The normal taxed price in Germany would be 98.82 € ! You may find that what you save pays for the ferry fare and dinner for two in a taverna.
Kali orexi!
Further information about Greece can be found in our introduction to Greece.
Maps, photos and articles: © David John,
except where otherwise specified.

Additional photos: © Konstanze Gundudis

All photos and articles are copyright protected.

Images and materials by other authors
have been attributed where applicable.

Please do not use these photos or articles without permission.

If you are interested in using any of the photos for your website,
project or publication, please get in contact.

Higher resolution versions are available on request.

My Favourite Planet makes great efforts to provide
comprehensive and accurate information across this
website. However, we can take no responsibility for
inaccuracies or changes made by providers of services
mentioned on these pages.
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The Cheshire Cat Blog
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about Greece:

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