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Macedonia How to get to Macedonia Macedonia, Greece page 4
The White Tower of Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet

The "White Tower" (Aspro Pyrgos), Thessaloniki's best-known landmark.
On this page:
by air - airports by bus by train international trains by ferry
NEWS: International trains are now operating again
between Thessaloniki and
Sofia, Bulgaria and Skopje, FYRO Macedonia.

See details below.
Macedonia's capital Thessaloniki (Thessalonica) is easy to reach by air from many European cities as well as from Istanbul. There are also several international buses from northern Europe, the Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Istanbul which stop at Macedonian cities. Currently, due to the economic crisis, there are no international trains to or from Greece.

Although there are rail connections within Macedonia and southwards to Larissa and Athens, the network of buses provides the most convenient way of travelling around the region. However, since bus services in Greece are operated by independent regional KTEL companies, there is no joined-up system: there is a distinct lack of coordination between the companies and the lack of public information concerning routes, timetables and fares (particularly for tourists) is apalling.

There are also strange gaps and anomalies in the coverage of bus services, which often means that if you want to travel to a place 20 km away you may have to travel first to a transport hub 40 km in the opposite direction, then travel from there to your intended destination.

Various local bus services around towns and villages also have their opaque charms, totally devoid of timetables. Coordination is so poor that the bus you have been informed connects with your ferry arrives at the harbour just in time for you to watch the ship disappearing over the horizon (e.g. on Thasos island).

Ferry services are also a law unto themselves, with a plethora of ferry companies constantly changing their schedules (e.g. to Samothraki island).

In winter some public transport services are drastically reduced or do not run at all. Summer services benefit the locals as well as tourists, though often where timetables are available at all, they are often only in Greek. Many employees at the information counters of transport companies consider it a personal offense to be challenged by more than one question, especially if you interrupt their personal mobile phone conversations.

Travelling by public transport in Greece is still economical, especially when compared with fares in other EU countries. And once you do get on your train, bus or boat, the journey can be quite wonderful and the views often simply beautiful.

See also our guides to Kavala, Pella, Stageira and Olympiada, Veria and Alexandroupoli, Thrace.
Please note: Due to Greece's economic crisis,
information such as opening times, timetables,
fares, prices, etc. is changing continually.

Many tourist information offices have been closed,
and many official websites offer no indication of
these changes.

Below is the most up-to-date information we have
been able to find. If you have any more information
you would like to share, please get in contact.

national Greek flag at My Favourite Planet
Vergina Sun, flag symbol of Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet


Photo gallery of Kavala, Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet

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Polygyros photo gallery at My Favourite Planet

Photo gallery of Ancient Stageira, Halkidiki, Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet

Ancient Stageira
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By air - Airports
The region's three airports Thessaloniki, Kavala and Alexandroupoli (Thrace)
deal mainly with regular and charter flights fom Europe and Greece. Long haul
passengers have to transfer from Athens, other European cities or Istanbul.

Flights within Greece should be booked well in advance,
especially in summer and around public holidays.

Olympic Airlines:     Aegean Airlines:

Both websites, in Greek and English, offer the same flights and prices.

Thessaloniki, Macedonia

Thessaloniki International Airport "Macedonia"
53103 Kalamaria, Macedonia


IATA code: SKG

The largest and most important airport in northern Greece.

15 km south of the city centre.
Well connected by taxis (20-30 Euros) and bus 78.

Bus number 78, about every 30 mins; at night N78 every hour.
Connects airport to city centre, railway station and "Macedonia" central KTEL intercity bus station. Fare 2 Euros.

Kavala, Macedonia

Kavala International Airport "Alexander the Great"
(Μέγας Αλέξανδρος, Mégas Aléxandros)

Near Chrysoupolis (Χρυσουπολης), 30 km east of the city!

See How to get to Kavala for further details.

Tel: +30 25910 53273


IATA code: KVA

Alexandroupoli, Thrace

Alexandroupolis "Democritus" International Airport
(Κρατικός Αερολιμένας 'Δημόκριτος'),
Alexandroupolis, Thrace.


IATA code: AXD

7 km east of the city centre. There are taxis and frequent buses to the city centre.

This small airport is convenient for those wishing to travel to Eastern Macedonia, Thrace, Samothraki and Lemnos islands (see ferries below) and southern Bulgaria. Istanbul is 5 hours away by road.

The train station, KTEL inter-city bus station and ferry port are in the town centre.

See: How to get to Alexandroupoli, Thrace

Athens Airport

Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos"

(Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Αθηνών "Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος",
Diethnis Aerolimenas Athinon "Eleftherios Venizelos")


IATA code: ATH

27 km east of the city centre.

A largest, busiest airport in Greece, with frequent international and domestic
air services, including daily flights to/from Kavala and Alexandroupoli.

The airport is well connected to Athens centre and suburbs by metro, suburban railway, taxis (at least 30 Euros) and buses. The frequent X93 bus connects the airport with the inter-city bus stations (see details below).

Thessaloniki Airport radar tower at My Favourite Planet

Thessaloniki Airport
radar tower
By bus
KTEL Macedonia central inter-city bus station, Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet

KTEL Macedonia central inter-city bus station, Thessaloniki.
Inter-city buses in Greece are run by independent regional KTEL (ΚΤΕΛ) bus companies, each with its own services, schedules and website (mostly in Greek). At present there is no central source of information.

We have prepared further information about travelling by bus to, from and around Macedonia and lists of services, bus stations and fares. See:

How to get to Kavala

How to get to Pella

How to get to Stageira and Olympiada

How to get to Veria

How to get to Alexandroupoli, Thrace

Bus fares

Below is a list of sample bus fares for Macedonia.

Bus stations

See our list of bus stations for Macedonia below.


Thessaloniki has two separate bus stations:

"Macedonia" central KTEL inter-city bus station
for long distance inter-city buses

Eastbound buses to Nea Apollonia, Rentina, Stavros, Vrasna, Asprovalta and Olympiada (for Ancient Stageira), formerly served by the KTEL Thessaloniki bus station, now also arrive and depart from the Macedonia bus station.

KTEL Chalkidikis bus station
for southbound buses to Chalkidiki
KTEL Macedonia central inter-city bus station, Thessaloniki, Greece at My Favourite Planet

Central inter-city bus station, Thessaloniki.
Bus tickets For some inexplicable reason, many bus stations will not sell tickets in advance, only on the day of travel. Where you board a bus at a roadside stop, you can buy a ticket either from the driver or a conductor.

Return tickets, where available, are usually a little cheaper.

Be sure to ask the price of a single and return fare ("allez-retour"), especially if you are buying a ticket on the bus itself. Some bus drivers and conductors may charge you for a return ticket if you do not specify you only want a single!

Fare reductions available on some KTEL buses for:
students (25%), people wth special needs (50%), soldiers (25%), families (50%), social tourism workers, groups (by arangement).
Appropriate ID or documentation is required.
Bus fares to/from/around Macedonia
NOTE: There are generally fewer buses in winter (October - April),
and scheules, routes and fares change (i.e. get worse) continually due to the economic crisis.

We are attempting to continually expand and improve this information.
If you can help please get in contact.
KTEL Pella
Thessaloniki - Pella 40 min €3.30
Thessaloniki - Edessa 1 hr 45 min €12
Thessaloniki - Aridaia 2 hours €15
Thessaloniki - Skydra 1.5 hours €10
Thessaloniki - Kria Vrisi 1.5 hours €10
Thessaloniki - Giannitsa 1 hour €4.60
KTEL Imathia
Thessaloniki - Veria 1.5 hour €6.80
Thessaloniki - Naousa 1 hr 50 min €8.70
KTEL Thessaloniki
Thessaloniki - Stavros 2 hour €3.60
Thessaloniki - Nea Vrasna/
2.5 hours €3.70
Thessaloniki - Olympiada 2.5 hours €4.20
Athens - Thessaloniki 6.5 hours €55
Athens - Edessa 6 hours €55
Athens - Aridaia   €60
Athens - Skydra   €55
Athens - Kria Vrisi   €55
Athens - Giannitsa   €50
Athens - Veria 7 hours €35
Ionnina - Aridaia   €30
Ionnina - Edessa 4 hours €30
Ionnina - Skydra   €30
Ionnina - Giannitsa   €29
Bus stations for Central Macedonia
The inside of the main hall of the KTEL Macedonia central inter-city bus station, Thessaloniki, Greece at My Favourite Planet

Under the big dome - the main hall of the KTEL Macedonia central inter-city bus station, Thessaloniki.


"Macedonia" central KTEL inter-city bus station,
Giannitson Street 194.
5 km west of the city centre.

Website, including timetable and fare information for inter-city buses
to/from Thessaloniki: (Greek and English)

Buses depart and arrive in the large, domed hall at the left of the building (see photo above). The ticket booths, cafe, toilets (in the basement) and shops are in the hall to the right.

Each of the regional KTEL bus companies has its own ticket booth, so you have to discover which one serves your destination. Good luck!

Getting to and from the bus station

Several local buses terminate at the bus station.

The OASTH number 78 bus from the airport to the bus station via the city centre also stops at the railway station (just west of the centre, see below).

The number 78 bus runs 24 hours a day,
approximately every half hour;
every hour at night as the N78.

(The 78A only goes as far as IKEA store outside the city!)

The fare is 2 Euros, regardless of how many stops you travel. Tickets can be bought from kiosks (peripteros) all over city, or from special booths at the airport (at the bus stop), KTEL bus station, railway station and opposite the National Bank of Greece. You must validate your ticket by having it stamped by the orange machine on the bus when you get on.

Journey time from the city centre to the bus station is around 20 minutes, depending on traffic. From the airport reckon with 1 hour.

Because the bus connects the airport with the train station and main KTEL bus station (and is also used as a local bus) it can get very full.

Local buses in and around the city are run by OASTH (ΟΑΣΘ, Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki). Its website has information about timetables and routes in Greek and English:

Currently the website has no information in English
about the new more expensive fares.

All fares in and around the city used to cost 80 cents.
Since October 2014, the 78 to and from the airport
now costs 2 Euros!
The "Cultural Route" 50 around the historical centre
also costs 2 Euros.

The normal fare for other routes is now 1 euro,
no matter how many stops you travel.
If you have to change buses, a ticket valid for 70 minutes
(2 buses) costs 1.20 Euros, for 90 minutes (3 buses) 1.50 Euros.

Reductions for students, families and senior citizens over 65 years (with the necessary documentation) are usually around 50%.

A taxi between the airport and city centre costs 20 Euros; between the airport and KTEL bus station about 30 Euros.

+30 2310 59 54 35

Poster showing bus connections between the KTEL Macedonia central inter-city bus station with other parts of the city at My Favourite Planet

Poster showing local OASTH bus connections between the KTEL Macedonia inter-city bus station in Thessaloniki with other parts of the city.


Large JPG image, 306 Kb.
Opens in a new window.
  Macedonia KTEL ticket and information office
in the centre of Thessaloniki
119 Egnatia Street.
(On the north side of the street, just to the west
of the Arch of Galerius.)
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9:30 - 19:30
Closed Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.
+30 2310 21 60 00  
  Buses Thessaloniki - Chalkidiki

Buses for destinations in Chalkidiki (except Olympiada)
depart from the KTEL Chalkidikis bus station
to the east of Thessaloniki city centre.

From Thessaloniki Airport
Take the OASTH 79 bus to IKEA (large suburban shopping centre),
then change to 36 bus to the KTEL Chalkidikis bus station.

Journey time: around 20-30 minutes.
The local bus fare is 1 Euro.

From the city centre
OASTH bus 45
runs from the KTEL Macedonia inter-city bus station
to the railway station, then through the centre and
eastwards to the KTEL Chalkidikis bus station.

There is a bus stop for the 45 (also the 45a)
on Egnatias Odos Avenue,
at the bus stop just to the west of Aristotelis Square.

The bus destination is "KTEL Halkidikis KOSMOS".
("Kosmos" is a huge suburban shopping centre
near the bus station.)

Journey times:
from KTEL Macedonia inter-city bus station 1 hour;
from the train station 40 minutes;
from the centre around 30 minutes.

The local bus fare is 1 Euro.

KTEL Chalkidikis bus company logo

KTEL Chalkidikis
bus company

KTEL Chakidikis
telephone numbers


(+30) 23810 23 511


(+30) 23710 22 309

See the My Favourite Planet
travel guide to
Polygyros, Halkidiki
  KTEL Thessaloniki bus station

17 Odos Irinis, on the corner of Polizoidi Street,
central Thessaloniki.


Since December 2014, buses from Thessaloniki
to Nea Apollonia, Stavros, Olympiada and Asprovalta
no longer arrive and depart from the KTEL Thessaloniki
bus station in the city centre.

Buses now arrive and depart from the KTEL Macedonia
inter-city bus station
(see above).

For further details, see:
How to get to Stageira and Olympiada.

KTEL Thessaloniki bus company logo

KTEL Thessaloniki bus company


Edessa bus station is at the south side of town,
on the corner of Filipou and Pavlou Mela streets.
5 minutes walk from the centre,
15 minutes from the train station (see below).

+30 23810 23 511  


+30 23820 22 317  


+30 23840 21 249  


+30 23810 89 222  
  Kria Brysi


+30 23820 61 506  


28 Hras Street, 59100 Veria, Imathia, Macedonia, Greece.

KTEL Imathias: (Greek only)

See also: How to get to Veria

+30 23310 22 342  


KTEL Imathias: (Greek only)

+30 23320 22 223  


Athens has two main inter-city bus stations,
generally know as Terminal A and Terminal B.

Buses between Athens and Kavala, and other destinations in
northern Greece and the Peloponnese, depart and arrive at the
Kifissou Street KTEL Bus Station, also known as Teminal A.

Tickets can be purchased at the bus station which has a
snack bar, toilets, and a kiosk (sweets, drinks, newspapers, cigarettes...) There are no decent shops within easy walking distance.

KTEL Kifissou, 100 Odos Kifissou, Kifissos, 10442 Athens.

Ticket office: 2105 12 94 07

KTEL ticket office at Omonia Square,
central Athens

59 Sokrates Street, Omonia Square.

In a narrow side street, just west of Omonia Square.

+30 Tel: +30 210 52 37 889
Mon-Fri 7:00 - 17:00, Sat: 7:30 - 15:30, Sunday closed.

A very useful office and good service. Staff speak English,
and tickets can be bought in advance!

The bus stations in Athens have no website (why?), and currently the only source of information about schedules and fares are photocopied pages from the Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO).

Terminal A is hidden away in the side streets of a northern suburb of Athens and can be difficult to get to from the city centre. If there are two or more of you travelling, or if you have luggage, you may find it less stressful to take a taxi, which costs around 20 Euros from the centre (ask the driver the price before you get in!).

Buses to Teminal A

X93 express bus from Athens Airport (Door 5). Around every 35 minutes (every 65 minutes at night). It also stops at the Liossion Street bus station (Terminal B).

51 from the centre, at the corner of Menandrou and Zinonos streets, near Metaxourgeio Square, 2 blocks west of Omonia Square. From Terminal A into the centre, the 51 bus stops at the Metaxourgeio metro station. Every 15 minutes, fare €1 one way.

420 from Piraeus, at the corner of Thermopilon and Akti Kondili streets.

It is possible to get to the bus station by a combination of metro and buses, but it really is a chore, especially with luggage.

+30 210 51 52 224  


+30 2410 23 58 15  
Bus stations in
East Macedonia and Thrace


4 Mitropolitou Kavalas Street, on the corner of Filikis Eterias Street.

In the city centre, 5 minutes walk from the ferry terminal.

Tel: 2510 22 22 94

Ticket office: 2510 23 22 67

website: (info in English not very helpful)

For further details, see How to get to Kavala

+30 2510 22 22 94  
  Alexandroupoli, Thrace


KTEL "Evrou" inter-city bus station,
Odos Eleftheriou Venizelou 36 (corner of Leoforos 14th Maiou),
68100 Alexandroupoli.

In the town centre, 10-15 minutes walk from the ferry port and train station.

KTEL Evrou website: (Greek only)

For further details, see How to get to Alexandroupoli, Thrace

+30 25510 26479  
By train
Thessaloniki railway station at My Favourite Planet

The main Thessaloniki railway station.

Construction of the "New Station" (Νέος Σιδηροδρομικός Σταθμός Θεσσαλονίκης, Neos Sidirodromikos Stathmos Thessalonikis) was begun in the 1930s, but suspended due to politcal upheavals, including the Second World War, and economic problems. It was finally completed at the end of the 1950s with a slightly modified design, and opened on 12 June 1961. The building has hardly changed since. Recently the forecourt has become a building site as part of the construction works on the new Thessaloniki Metro.  

In September 2011 all international trains to and from Greece were suspended.


From May 2014, train services have resumed between
Thessaloniki and Skopje, FYRO Macedonia and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Trains in Greece are run by OSE (Ο.Σ.Ε.): (Greek and English)

Train schedule and fare information at Trainose, the official
OSE website for passenger train information: (Greek and English).

The site has recently improved its information in English.
However, rather than show timetables and fares, you have to use the ticket booking interface, name the desired departure and destination stations and enter planned date of travel. The site then shows the trains and fares for that particular journey on that day. There is no information about other stations along the route.

Railway stations

See our list of railway stations for Macedonia below.


See our timetables for trains between Thessaloniki, Veria
and Edessa, with information about connections to/from
Larissa and Athens below.

Rail lines and destinations

Three rail lines pass through Macedonia,
all centered on Thessaloniki:

Thessaloniki - Larissa - Athens

- Change at Larissa for Volos (eastwards)
and the Trikkala - Kalambaka (Meteora) lines (westwards)

West/North bound:
Thessaloniki - Platy - Veria - Naousa - Edessa

- Other stops: Sindos, Adendron, Leianoverion,
Alexandreia, Loutros (Veroias), Kefalohori, Xenasmeni,
Kouloura, Mesi, Episkopi, Petria and Skidra

- Some trains on this line used to continue northwards
from Edessa to Amyntaio, Kozani and Florina.
However, this service is currently suspended due
to the Greek economic crisis.

- To/from Edessa, change trains at Platy
for the Athens - Larissa line

Thessaloniki - Strymona - Serres - Drama - Xanthi -
Komotini - Mesti - Alexandroupoli

- From Alexandroupolis, northbound trains to northern Thrace.

- Train services to Bulgaria and Turkey currently suspended.


Early steam train at Thessaloniki railway station at My Favourite Planet

Early steam locomotive
exhibited outside
Thessaloniki railway station.
See a map of the
Greek rail network
by Thorsten Büker:
Train stations for
Central Macedonia


28 Monastiriou Street.
1 km west of the centre centre.

Several local buses stop outside the train station. The number 78 bus,
which connects the airport with the railway station and main KTEL
inter-city bus station (see above) via the city centre, runs 24 hours a day,
at approximately half hour intervals, every hour at night (as the N78).

The fare is € 2, regardless of how many stops you travel (other buses within Thessaloniki cost € 1). Tickets can be bought from kiosks (peripteros) all over town, or from special booths at the airport and bus station. You have to get your ticket stamped in one of the orange machines on the bus when you get on.

Journey time to the railway station from the airport is around 45 minutes,
from the city centre around 5 minutes, depending on traffic.

Because the bus connects the airport with the train station and main KTEL bus station (and is also used as a local bus) it can get very full.

A taxi from the city centre costs 5 euro; from the airport about 20 euro.

OSE Travel Service in the city centre.
18 Aristotelous Street.
Tel: +30 2310 59 81 20
Friendly information and ticket sales. Closed during the afternoon.

+30 2310 51 75 17  


Railway station: Leoforos Nikis.

The station is at the east side of town, 10 minutes walk from the centre
along 18th October Avenue.

The KTEL bus station (see above) is about 15 minutes by foot.

Taxis, which are usually available at the station, cost about €3.

Station Radio Taxi Edessa Tel: 23810 23392 - 22904

+30 23810 23 510  




+30 23810 89 204  


The railway station is 3 km outside the town.
Local blue buses (€1) and taxis shuttle between station and town.

See: How to get to Veria

+30 23310 24 444  


The railway station in Athens for trains to Evia and Northern Greece
is called Larissa Station (Stathmos Larissis), situated 10 minutes walk,
northwest of Omonia Square.

It has its own Metro stop on Metro Line 2 (Syntagma - Sepolia;
red on Metro maps).

Or take trolley bus No. 1 from Venizelou (Panepistimiou) Street.

Note: The OSE Main Information Centre in central Athens has closed down.

+30 210 82 37 741  


23rd October 1944 Square
(Πλατεία Εικοστής Τρίτης Οκτωβρίου 1944,
Plateia Eikostis Tritis Oktovriou 1944).

OSE office, Papakyriazi 35, opposite the town hall.
Tel: +30 24105 90 239

+30 24105 90143  
Train timetable for
Thessaloniki to Edessa

with connections from Athens and Larissa
  Train No. 3731 3733 735 737 739 1596 3741 743 745 3747 749 3590 753
    M - F M - F         M - F     M - F      
  Thessaloniki 4.32 5.52 7.20 8.50 10.56   12.21 13.57 15.25 16.55 18.25   22.05
... Trains stop at Sindos and Adendron ...
  Platy 5.00 6.20 7.48 9.18 11.24   12.49 14.25 15.53 17.23 18.53   22.33
Connections with trains FROM Athens and Larissa. Change trains at Platy.
  Athens   23.55         7.18 8.27 10.18 12.18     16.15
  Larissa   4.18 6.00 7.20 9.41 10.46 11.20 12.52 14.20 16.19 17.38 21.09 20.09
  Platy   5.33 7.10 8.30 10.56 11.56 12.17 14.01 15.17 17.17 18.48 22.19 21.06
  Platy 5.01 6.21 7.49 9.19 11.25   12.50 14.26 15.54 17.24 18.54   2.34
... Trains stop at Leianoverion, Alexandreia, Loutros (Veroias), Kefalohori, Xenasmeni, Kouloura, Mesi ...
  Veroia 5.31 6.51 8,19 9.49 11.55   13.20 14.56 16.24 17.54 19.24   23.04
  Naousa 5.39 6.59 8.28 9.58 12.04   13.29 15.05 16.33 18.03 19.33   23.13
... Trains stop at Episkopi, Petria and Skidra ...
  Edessa 6.07 7.27 8.56 10.26 12.32   13.57 15.33 17.01 18.31 20.01   23.41
M - F = Monday - Friday only; not on bank holidays.
Train timetable for
Edessa to Thessaloniki

with connections to Larissa and Athens
Train No. 3730 732 3734 736 1599 738 740 3742 2595 744 746 2599 3748 750 501
  M - F   M - F         M - F         M - F    
Edessa 4.54 6.14 7.42 9.10   11.18 12.43 14.17   15.45 17.15   18.45 20.20  
... Trains stop at Skidra, Petria and Episkopi ...
Naousa 5.22 6.42 8.10 9.38   11.46 13.11 14.45   16.13 17.43   19.13 20.48  
Veroia 5.32 6.52 8.20 9.48   11.56 13.21 14.55   15.23 17.53   19.23 20.58  
... Trains stop at Mesi, Kouloura, Xenasmeni, Kefalohori, Loutros (Veroias), Alexandreia, Leianoverion, ...
Platy 6.00 7.20 8.48 10.16   12.24 13.49 15.23   16.51 18.21   19.51 21.26  
Connections with trains TO Larissa and Athens. Change trains at Platy.
 Platy 6.04 7.28 9.47 10.28 10.49 12.28 14.52 15.28 16.04   18.28 19.04   22.14 23.08
 Larissa 7.12 8.26 10.55 11.26 11.59 13.26 16.00 16.26 17.12   19.26 20.12   23.22 0.43
 Athens   12.24   15.24   17.24   20.24     23.24       5.01
Platy 6.01 7.21 8.49 10.17   12.25 13.50 15.24   16.52 18.22   19.52 21.27  
... Trains stop at Adendron and Sindos ...
6.30 7.50 9.18 10.46   12.54 14.19 15.53   17.21 18.51   20.21 21.56  
M - F = Monday - Friday only; not on bank holidays.
You can dowload these timetables in Greek as a printable PDF document
from the OSE Trainose website:
International trains
In 2011 all international train services to and from Greece
were suspended due to the Greek economic crisis.

Since 2014 services to Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia
("FYRO Macedonia") have been resumed.

See details of timetables and fares in English
at the Greek railway website:

Thessaloniki to/from Sofia, Bulgaria

There is one daily train each way between Thessaloniki and Sofia, the Bulgarian capital.

Route from Thessaloniki: Thessaloniki - Strimon - Promachon - Kulata - BORDER -
Gen. Todorov - Sandanski - Blagoevgrad - Dupnica - Radomir - Pernik - Zah. fabrika - Sofia

Journey time Thessaloniki - Sofia approximately 7 hours.

Fare Thessaloniki - Sofia: one-way 16.80 Euros, return 33.60 Euros
One way tickets are valid for 15 days; return tickets are valid for 1 month.
Seat reservation is mandatory. Reservation fee depends on ticket and service,
typically 1 Euro each way.

Thessaloniki to/from Skopje, FYRO Macedonia

There are regular trains as well as the daily "Hellas Express" night train from Thessaloniki
to Skopje, Macedonia's capital, then onwards to Belgrade, Serbia and Budapest, Hungary.

Route: Thessaloniki - Gevgelija - Demir Kapija - Negotino Vardar - Veles - Skopje
Then stations to Belgrade and Budapest.

Approximate journey times from Thessaloniki:
Skopje 5 hours; Belgrade 14 hours; Budapest 27 hours.

Thessaloniki - Veles one-way 10 Euros, return 16 Euros
Thessaloniki - Skopje one-way 12.20 Euros, return 19.50 Euros
Thessaloniki - Nis, Serbia one-way 22.20 Euros, return 35.50 Euros
Thessaloniki - Belgrade, Serbia one-way 33.80 Euros, return 54,10 Euros

Timetable information in English at the Serbian Railways website:

Thessaloniki to/from Istanbul, Turkey

Train services between Greece and Turkey remain suspended.

It is possible to travel by train via Bulgaria, but it is a very long journey.
At time of writing there are maintenance works on the lines on the Turkish
side of the border which means travelling by bus to Istanbul.

Unless you are planning to visit Bulgaria anyway, or you really, really like train travel, it is quicker, more convenient and ultimately cheaper to make the journey by bus or plane.

For information about buses between Turkey and Greece,
see Tom Brosnahan's excellent Turkey Travel Planner website:

By ferry
Thessaloniki ferry terminal at My Favourite Planet

The Thessaloniki "passeger terminal" at the Thessaloniki ferry port.
The main ferry ports in Macedonia are Thessaloniki and Kavala,
with services to several Aegean islands and mainland ports.

There is a weekly ferry between Thessaloniki and Samos.

To the east, Alexandroupoli in Thrace serves the northeastern Aegean island of Samothraki.

Ferries to the island of Thasos depart from Kavala, and also from the small port of Keramoti,
46 km southeast of Kavala. This port is used mainly by tourists arriving at Kavala Megas Alexandros International Airport, 30 km southeast of Kavala (see airports above).

From Kavala there are also ferry connections to Lesbos, Chios, Samos, Ikaria,
Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos, Kos, Rhodes, Kymi, Agios Konstantinos and Piraeus.

For further information about Kavala and Keramoti ferries,
see: How to get to Kavala.

Port of Thessaloniki

A'Provlita Limenos, Thessalonikis, 54110 Thessaloniki, Greece.

Tel: +30 2 310 593 121

Fax: +30 2 310 510 500

Central Port Authority of Kavala

Tel: +30 2510 223716, 224967, 224472

Fax: +30 2510 223628

Keramoti Harbour Office

Tel: +30 2591 051204

Further information about Greek ferries:


Map of Macedonia, Greece at My Favourite Planet

Map of Macedonia and the North Aegean Sea

See the larger interactive map of Macedonia on page 1.
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originally appeared in 2004-2005 on

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